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Iron Maiden - Полная дискофгафия (1979-2008) MP3

МузыкаСкачать: Iron Maiden - Полная дискофгафия (1979-2008) MP3

Iron Maiden - Полная дискофгафия (1979-2008) MP3
Исполнитель: Iron Maiden
Альбом: Полная дискофгафия
Год выпуска: 1979-2008
Жанр: рок

1979 - The Soundhouse Tapes
Скрытый текст
-Iron Maiden

1980 - Iron Maiden
Скрытый текст
-Remember Tomorrow
-Running free
-Phantom of the opera
-Strange World
-Charlotte the harlot
-Iron Maiden

1981 - Killers
Скрытый текст
-The Ides Of March
-Murders In The Rue Morgue
-Another Life
-Genghis Khan
-Innocent Exile
-Prodigal Son
-Twilight Zone

1982 - The Number of the Beast
Скрытый текст
-Children of the Damned
-The Prisoner
-22 Acacia Avenue
-The Number of the Beast
-Run to the Hills
-Total Eclips
-Hallowed be Thy Name

1983 - Piece of Mind
Скрытый текст
-Where Eagles Dare
-Flight Of Icarus
-Die With Your Boots On
-The Trooper
-Still Life
-Quest For Fire
-Sund And Steel
-To Tame A Land

1984 - Powerslave

Скрытый текст
-Aces High
-2 Minutes To Midnight
-Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
-Flash Of The Blade
-The Duellists
-Back In The Villiage
-Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

1985 - Live After Death
Скрытый текст
-intro churchills speech
-aces high
-2 minutes to midnight
-the trooper
-flight of icarus
-rime of the ancient mariner
-the number of the beast
-hallowed be thy name
-iron maiden
-run to the hills
-22 acacia avenue
-children of the damned
-die with your boots on
-phantom of the opera

1986 - Somewhere in Time
Скрытый текст
-Caught Somewhere In Time
-Wasted Years
-Sea of Madness
-Heaven Can Wait
-The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
-Stranger in a Strange Land
-De Ja Vu
-Alexander the Great

1988 - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Скрытый текст
-Infinite Dreams
-Can I Play With Madness
-The Evil That Men Do
-Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
-The Prophecy
-The Clairvoyant
-Only the Good Die Young

1990 - No Prayer For The Dying

Скрытый текст
-Tail Gunner
-Holy Smoke
-No Prayer For The Dying
-Public Enema Number One
-Fates Warning
-The Assassin
-Run Silent Run Deep
-Hooks in You
-Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
-Mother Russia

1992 -  Be Quick Or Be Dead [single]
Скрытый текст
-Be Quick Or Be Dead
-Nodding Donkey Blues
-Space Station No.5

1992 - Fear of the Dark

Скрытый текст
-Be Quick or be Dead
-From Here to Eternity
-Afraid to Shoot Strangers
-Fear is the Key
-Childhood's End
-Wasting Love
-The Fugitive
-Chains of Misery
-The Apparition
-Judas Be My Guide
-Weekend Warrior
-Fear of the Dark

1992 - Wasted Tapes
Скрытый текст
-remember tomorrow
-running free
-iron maiden
-the trooper
-22 acacia avenue
-the number of the beast
-run to the hills

1993 - A Real Live Dead One

Скрытый текст
-the number of the beast
-the trooper
-remember tomorrow
-where eagles dare
-running free
-run to the hills
-2 minutes to midnight
-iron maiden
-hallowed be thy name
-be quick or be dead
-from here to eternity
-can i play with madness
-wasting love
-the evil that men do
-afraid to shoot strangers
-bring your daughter
-heaven can wait
-the clairvoyant
-fear of the dark

1994 - Live at Donington
Скрытый текст
be quick or be dead
the number of the beast
from here to eternity
can i play with madness
wasting love
the evil that men do
afraid to shoot strangers
fear of the dark
bring your daughterto the s
the clairvoyant
heaven can wait
run to the hills
2 minutes to midnight
iron maiden
hallowed be thy name
the trooper
running free

1995 - The X Factor

Скрытый текст
-Sign of the Cross
-Lord of the Flies
-Man on the Edge
-Fortunes of War
-Look for the Truth
-The Aftermath
-Judgement of Heaven
-Blood on the Worlds Hands
-The Edge of Darkness
-2 A.M.
-The Unbeliever

1997 - High Vaultage vol.2
Скрытый текст
-twilight zone
-innocent exile
-hallowed be thy name
-walking in air
-holy smoke
-bayswater aint a bad place to
-i live my way

1997 - Soundhouse Tapes and More

Скрытый текст
-iron maiden
-burning ambition
-drifter live
-ive got the fire
-women in uniform
-twilight zone
-total eclipse
-ive got the fire
-crosseyed mary
-rainbows gold
-mission from arry
-king of twilight
-zero oh baby
-nicko mcbrain rythm of beast

1998 - In Profile
Скрытый текст
-part one early maiden days
-part two groundwork
-part three ascendancy
-part four supremacy
-part five legends[/spoiler
1998 - Virtual XI

Скрытый текст
-The Angel and the Gambler
-Lightning strikes twice
-The Clansman
-When two Worlds collide
-The Educated Fool
-Don't look to the Eyes of a Stranger
-Como Estais Amigos

1999 - Virus [ maxi-single ]
Скрытый текст
-Justice of the Peace
-I Live My Way
-Judgent Day
-My Generation
-Doctor, Doctor

2000 - Brave New World
Скрытый текст
-The Wicker Man
-Ghost of the Navigator
-Brave New World
-Blood Brothers
-The Mercenary
-Dream of Mirrors
-The Fallen Angel
-The Nomad
-Out of the Silent Planet
-The Thin Line Between Love And Hate

2003 - Dance of death

Скрытый текст
-Wildest dreams
-No more lies
-Dance of death
-Gates of tomorrow
-New frontier
-Face in the sand
-Age of innocence

2003 - Rainmaker
Скрытый текст
-Dance Of Death (Orchestral Version)
-More Tea Vicar

2004 - No More Lies

Скрытый текст
-No More Lies
-Paschendale (Orchestral Version)
-Journeyman (Electric Version) + Age Of Innocence (hidden bonus track)

2005 - Death On The Road
Скрытый текст
-wildest dreams
-can i play with madness
-the trooper
-dance of death
-brave new world
-lord of the flies
-no more lies
-hallowed be thy name
-fear of the dark
-iron maiden
-number of the beast
-run to the hills

2006 - A Matter Of Life And Death

Скрытый текст
-Different World
-These Colours Don't Run
-Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
-The Pilgrim
-The Longest Day
-Out Of The Shadows
-The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
-For The Greater Good Of God
-Lord Of Light
-The Legacy

2006 - Different World (EP)
Скрытый текст
-different world
-hallowed be thy name radio 1 legends session
-the trooper radio 1 legends session

2008 - Somewhere Back In Time

Скрытый текст
-churchills speech
-2 minutes to midnight
-the trooper
-wasted years
-children of the damned
-the number of the beast
-run to the hills
-the evil that men do
-can i play with madness
-hallowed be thy name

Звук: MP3
Битрейт: 128-320 кб/с
Продолжительность: 25:53:47
РаздающийПоследний раз был здесь 41d 15:13:24 назад
Размер1.86 GB (1,997,612,067 байт)
Добавлен2009-08-03 15:13:26
Скачан135 раз

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